KFAS HQ in Kuwait.

Connecting science and nature.

belief in technology

Not everything that is possible is good. In the 20th century the age of modernity, we propagated great freedom and surrendered to a belief in technology, today we must realize that we have done that at the expense of nature and the resources we have been given.

“We are all part of the good whole”
From these words of inspiration, the design idea is derived. The technology and The architecture are in balance with nature. It does this with ease by incorporating itself into a natural cycle and using renewable resources.

Text by Dietrich Schwarz

Office floor plan of the head quarter.
Exploded axonometric view of the umbrella as the main component of the building.
Urban plan containing the HQ, the conference centre and the main street directed to Mecca.
Elevation of the conference building with the umbrella's as the main structure.

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