Essence typeface.

For one who is looking for the fundamentals.

Essence font in lowercase and numbers in the different weights.
Essence font in uppercase in the different weights.

why essence?

While working on the symbol and text logo for kloeg architecture, it felt very unsatisfying to use a text logo that is not grounded in a complete font. As it is my quest to give shape to the world, my goal is to design as many items as possible. Why not start with a typeface?

The objective of this font is to find the essence of our Latin alphabet and therefore the essence of every single glyph in it.

The search was lead by two principles:
1. What are the basic building blocks of each glyph?
2. Stripped back from any superfluous movements while writing, what shape would remain?

The resulting design consists of merely straight lines and circles. The basic elements of each glyph are accented by a gap.

A first sketch of the essence font in lowercase.
Sketches of logo's for the company in essence glyphs.
The components of the essence font.
The heights on which the glyphs and weighs are based.
Multilingual capabilities of the essence font in latin lowercase.
Some of the icons that are available in the essence font.

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Essence in action.