The holistic cultural landscape

Master thesis presentation at VIBA Cafe

  • 👤 David Kloeg
  • 📅 5 March 2020
  • 🕒 20:00 - 22:00 hour
  • 📌 ANNE in zaal 'Ruimt Zicht'
    Veemarktplein 41, Utrecht, NL

The relation between our western civilisation and the earth has been put under heavy pressure. That is evident is for everyone. How this relation can be shaped in the future and what kind of solutions there are, is however, much less clear.

The layout of our land, the design of cities, the adaptation in the natural environment; how will this develop? Will we keep taking more than we are giving? Or would we be able to see ourselves as part of the holistic cultural landscape?

Poster for the presentation of the holistic cultural landscape at the VIBA Cafe by David Kloeg.

The ‘Holistic cultural landscape’ is an investigation into adjusting and fitting in our modern human needs into the landscape. As the starting point it takes our extreme exceedance of our footprint and pressure on our natural environment and translates this towards a sustainable regional plan.

This research is written for a master thesis architecture at the University of Liechtenstein. It wants to give a start for further research and discussions about possible implementation.

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