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University of Melbourne

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University of Melbourne visualisation of the courtyard from the parking lot.

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Factory campus online

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Factory campus with its office and assembly halls, situated around the lake.

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VIBA Cafe lecture

Being able to share my research with the Dutch association for biological architecture was a privilege. This way the master thesis doesn't stay inside a book but can be placed in the world.

David Kloeg presenting at VIBA Cafe.

The holistic cultural landscape

Master thesis presentation at VIBA Cafe

The relation between our western civilisation and the earth has been put under heavy pressure. That is evident is for everyone. How this relation can be shaped in the future and what kind of solutions there are, is however, much less clear.

The layout of our land, the design of cities, the adaptation in the natural environment; how will this develop? Will we keep taking more than we are giving? Or would we be able to see ourselves as part of the holistic cultural landscape?

Master thesis at the University of Liechtenstein

Nomination for RIBA Silver Medal

The University of Liechtenstein has nominated the thesis on the holistic cultural landscape for the RIBA Silver Medal. The RIBA is the Royal Institute of British Architects. They hand out the Silver Medal as price for the best master thesis project for an accredited university.

The project can be seen at the website of the RIBA.

Frontal facade of the university of Liechtenstein with the alps in the background.

The holistic cultural landscape

Master thesis receives highest possible mark

The master thesis, written by David Kloeg, received the highest mark in Liechtenstein, on all the graded aspects: the project itself, the book and the presentation.

Thesis presentation by David Kloeg.


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