David Kloeg


David Franciscus Kloeg

David Kloeg is a designer and studied architecture. He has been working for several architecture offices since 2012.

David graduated from the University of Technology in Delft, the Netherlands with a cum laude bachelor’s degree in architecture and an honours certificate. For his master thesis at the University of Liechtenstein he received the highest possible mark.

At the age of 22 he started his own studio. Besides small and large scale buildings, kloeg design also creates typefaces and way finding components. The office is planning to expand the design scope even further in the future.

Master of science in Architecture with distinction.

Cum laude Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

Diploma - Cum Laude.
Honours certificate - Extra curricular of 20ECTS.
Won 2 of 5 design projects - 250 students, 1 per semester.

Waldorf school.

Thesis - Sustainable house of the future.
Profile - VWO, Nature and Technology.

kloeg design.

You can find everything here on the website.

Co-founder at Thinkfield.

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Part time employment in architecture.

Vocus Architecten BNA

Gregory Burgess Architecs

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